Thursday, 21 January 2010


Earlier today I was able to join in a second conference call with Tearfund workers.

I gathered from the call that some Tearfund partners are located outside Port-au-Prince and their sites have become like hubs for displaced peoples to gather and so food and other resources on site for various projects have been divered to supply the immediate need of between 1500 to 2000 homeless and desperately needy people.

Some prayer points:
from Mark who is leading the Tearfund needs assessment team which is presently in Haiti:
> pray for wisdom in establishing programmes to meet the needs,
> pray for good connections and working relations with other aid/relief agencies,
> pray for Jean-Claude and his family. Jean-Claude is Tearfund's lead person in Haiti his wife is suffering from severe trauma following the earthquake. The Tearfund office, where Jean-Claude would usually have been working was destroyed, his home, where he and the family were, was partially destroyed.

from Jean-Mark, who is part Haitian:
> pray for the coordination of access ports that aid may flow smoothly through and get to the places where it is most needed,
> pray for the miraculous opening of the harbour to shipping as a means of bringing large scale aid into Haiti.

from Oenone, who works with Tearfund's disaster response team in the UK,
> pray for those deeply troubled by what they have seen following this disaster, for peace of mind,
> pray for many people who are asking, 'Why have I survived? Why was I saved?' Many are searching for some reason why they lived while others did not.
I am challenged by so many of these prayer requests. Do we believe in a God who works miracles and are we willing to ask him to work miraculously to intervene in this situation? I hope we do, and I hope we are.

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