Friday, 20 November 2009


I'm dismayed, upset at the news on the Free Church of Scotland web site that they have suspended all talks with the Church of Scotland - read about it here.

The Free Church of Scotland have been, and will remain, the closest sisters and brothers to the Church of Scotland in terms of polity, governance, doctrine and history. It is sad beyond expressing that growing and developing relations between our two denominations have been harmed in this way.

Amongst other things the Church of Scotland does need to give thought to our increasing isolation and separation from the Church Catholic as we pursue a path of our own choosing which if followed to its end will lead us not only out of fellowship with other Christians, but out of step with our God.

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David Shedden said...

But Gordon, look at the last sentence of the statement...

"The Free Church continues to value and encourage the close relationship that there is between congregations of both denominations in many areas of Scotland."

Confusing or what?!