Monday, 16 November 2009

24-7 Red Moon Rising

I've been reading Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig and Dave Roberts, The adventure of faith .. the power of prayer.

This is a good book, not difficult to read, very encouraging and challenging.

Perhaps it struck me because of the recent anniversary, but I love this quote:
But when the Berlin Wall finally came down one communist official made an extraordinary admission to a journalist: 'We were prepared for every eventuallity, but not for candles and not for prayers.' (page 24)

The vision and values of the 24-7 movement are very powerful and well worth reading and reflecting upon - vision and values here.

Again, perhaps given the present situation in the Church of Scotland, I was struck by one of the seven aspects of the brotherly agreement that influence Zinzendorf and the Moravians:
A refusal to be hostile to other believers - even when you believed they were not understanding the Scripture as you might. (page 341)
I don't think this is saying you need to agree with everyone, or even give in to everyone, but rather that in disagreements within the church, between believers, there should be a refusal to be hostile. Hostility generates heat, and what is needed in disagreements between believers is light.

So, read the book, visit the 24-7 web site (link at the side) - but even if you don't, pray!

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