Saturday, 24 April 2010

Thanks for a great Alpha Day

The Alpha for Church of Scotland ministers day yesterday was really great. It was good to meet up with some old CWW friends, some UNO friends and hopefully some new friends.

Graham Tomlin, Principal of St Paul’s Theological Centre and Dean of St Mellitus College in London was the key note speaker, and he was excellent. One of the best conference speakers I've heard in a long while. During the day he spoke on 1) developing a provocative church; 2) the theology of alpha, and 3) the work of St Paul's centre/St Mellitus college and the training of lay people and ordinands that has developed in these institutions. Watch out for other posts on these themes.

After too many weeks with too many meetings about managing the church and managing decline it is good to be at a meeting where the focus was upon meeting and communicating the gospel with non-Christians, if only we all did more of this.

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