Thursday, 29 April 2010

Risk or die

We had a very good meeting of the EA Scotland executive. I always enjoy being at these meetings and sharing in what God is doing in Scotland. I find it refreshing having been at too many other meetings where the gospel doesn't get a look in.

Fred Drummond was talking about a movement of prayer sweeping our nation, about church and individuals steping out from the safety of the usual and well known in the risky place of the new and uncertain. God has shown himself faithful and the God who goes ahead of the risk takers for the gospel. Fred spoke of a kairos moment, a significant time in God's purposes when the Spirit is moving.

Churches, congregations who refuse to take risks for the gospel are congregations and chruches that are choosing to die. Risk is setting your sail to catch the wind of the Spirit, is losing everything to gain Christ. I'm weary of living in the 'safety' of no-risk which is the tied up in the harbour way of not following Christ.
There's an Ian White song I like, 'A ship that's in the harbour, is still and safe from strom, but it was not made to be there, it was made for wind and storm.'

Father, where you are at work show us and give us courage to risk all for you.

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