Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Holy Week - Tuesday

On this day our Lord told five parables; He answered the questions of the Pharisees, the Sadducees, a lawyer.

He foretold the destruction of Jerusalem, and spoke of the final judgement of all men and women.

Mark 11:27-13:36
Five parables,
Five lessons,
Five ways to reject the authority of the Lord Jesus.
One question about one baptism;
One refusal to answer,
               (He who is silent is assumed to agree)
One vineyard,
One owner,
Many servants,
Some tennants = some killings, beatings, greedy graspings.
One brother and a wife,
six brothers and no children.
Countless readings of Scripture without any understanding. (A warning to us all)
One commandment;
Two commandments,
Love is the way of the Kingdom.
One Christ,
One son of David,
One Lord over all.
Many fine stones can all be overthrown,
Many famines, earthquakes, troubles can all be misunderstood.
Many false prophets and false Christ's will try to decieve.
Many signs for many generations,
     but the sign of the fig tree must still be learned!
Many days, many hours,
but no one knows when, except the Father only.
One Lord, who is Jesus.
One Teacher, who is the Christ.
One call, 'Follow me'.

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