Wednesday, 15 April 2009


I've changed my desktop image for after Easter. I don't have a good resurrection image that fits onto my desktop (still looking). Until I find one there is always Cezanne.

The way Cezanne uses colour, the two-dimensional impression of a three-dimensional landscape is truly wonderful.

There is a lovely Cezanne in the Gallery in Edinburgh, ideal for restoring the soul after a long day at the Assembly.

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So far, like yourself, I've found it impossible to find a "good resurrection image." The best one I have seen recently is not a static image but a clip from an Italian movie- "Respiro." I don't want to mention anything that will be a plot spoiler for those who haven't yet seen the film but it ends with an amazing underwater shot that seems to me to perfectly capture the FEELING of meeting someone 'back from the dead.'