Tuesday, 3 February 2009


While just about everyone else is watching season 7 via Sky, we don't have Sky, or cable, or channel 5! We've had to resort to rewatching season 5 on dvd.

Krish Kandiah has a really interesting post on 24, this link will take you there - Krish on 24.

We've watched all six seasons, and the film Redemption on dvd. I really like the concept of the show, the events happen in real time in and around LA, this generates its own tension and energy as the clock ticks round.

My favourite is still season 1, not wanting to spoil the plot if anyone hasn't seen it, but the tension is kept very high right up to the final minutes and through each episode Jack really struggles between getting the job done and doing the right thing.

From season 2 on Jack becomes much more focused on getting the job done, and in my opinion, some of the things he does to get the job done would have been better not done - even if that meant the operation failed.

There is a real issue about ways and means. This is the major theme of Eugene Petersons, The Jesus Way, another really excellent book from Peterson. Jesus is concerned about the way, what we do and how we do it matters just as much, if not more, than getting the job done. Indeed, sometimes the way we do things is the job that is to be done.

I'm sure when the dvd of season 7 of 24 comes around I'll watch it and get caught up in the action. But the ways and means adopted by Jack Bauer can't be the ways and means adopted in Christian discipleship.

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