Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Living in the Church of Scotland

The following I received from a much admired minister, now friend, and hope it is helpful for you if I pass this on in this way.

A possible bible based response to the decision of the General Assembly of 2011
adhering to the bible as the supreme rule of faith and life
profoundly disagreeing with the decision of the General Assembly of 2011
affirming that decisions should be made on the basis of theological principle rather than individual situations

nevertheless being aware
that the preamble and questions at ordination are still bible-based and mission centred
that currently there is no interference with the faithful preaching of the word
that there are other issues which are absolutely central to the Christian faith and about which there can
    be no possible “alternative interpretation”,
       e.g. the uniqueness of the person and action of Jesus
of the importance of unity in so far as it is possible, e.g. in the NT there was clear firm resistance
     against false teaching, but a reluctance to separate (bearing in mind the wheat and the tares)
of the opportunity of Christian witness provided in the parish system of the national church

therefore it is suggested
1. that every effort be made to take a clear stand for the Bible as the supreme rule of faith and life
2. that all ministers and elders remain in and actively take part in the Church of Scotland as presently structured to ensure the maximum number of votes at the General Assembly of 2013 and possible subsequent barrier procedure
3. that there be a faithfulness in prayer, especially for those who are in the “front-line” of difficulty e.g. on the theological commission and in the presbytery of Aberdeen
4. that, bearing in mind the question put at the ordination of ministers
“Are not zeal for the glory of God, love to the Lord Jesus Christ, and a desire for the salvation of men so far as you know your own heart, your great motives and chief inducements to enter into the office of the Holy Ministry?”
maximum energy be used for continued outreach to lost souls in our communities for whom we are answerable to the Lord
certainly until after the General Assembly of 2013.


James Miller said...

Thank you for this, Gordon. I wrote a similar piece in July: http://fivesidedchristian.blogspot.com/2011/07/why-evangelicals-should-stay-in-church.html

Feel free to visit my blog. I'm a member at Sandyford Henderson Memorial in Glasgow

Gordon Kennedy said...

Thanks for your comment. It's time to get the word out about living in the CofS.