Thursday, 13 January 2011


As part of our biblefresh year our congregations are taking on the e100 (Essential 100) bible reading challenge.
100 essential passages of the bible have been chosen and the challenge is to read them in one year.
I have planned a preaching programme for morning services based on these passages and we are using them in our mid-week meetings. We are planning to hold e100 evening services once each month, our first one is on Sunday 30 Jan - Begin At The Beginning, at which we will look at Genesis and invite questions and discussion on themes arising from this important biblical book.
Why not have a look at the e100 web site for yourself - e100


Richard said...

Us too. Everybody received the E100 leaflet with their Christmas card, and several have bought the book. I have just set up an E100 'graffiti board' at the back of the church, so that people can scribble their comments on about how its all going. watch this space...

Gordon Kennedy said...

Thanks Richard, the graffiti board is a great idea I'll need to see how I can place one in our church.