Thursday, 22 January 2009

Something new

I don't know if there is any connection between Bonhoeffer and the Fleet Foxes, except they are both new to me today.

Last night I was browsing around iTunes Stores, skipping from artist to artist, and came across the Fleet Foxes first disc. The price was so attractive I downloaded it. What a wonderful suite of songs. Great harmonies and guitars, a wonderful listen, if you haven't heard it yet, it is recommended.

I first read Bonhoeffer's Discipleship (published as The Cost of Discipleship) more than 20 years ago. Just after Christmas I ordered this new, hardback edition by Fortress Press with a splendid introduction by Geffrey B Kelly and John D Godsey. An English translation of the works of Bonhoeffer are now available in 16 volumes, a real gift to the English speaking church in our generation. If you haven't read Discipleship it is even more highly recommended than the Fleet Foxes, but with a warning, your Christian life won't be the same after reading it.

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Andrew McCracken said...

Hi Gordon

Yep, Fleet Foxes are amazing; they have an album which is equally good. Have you come across Bon Iver?